Accounts Manager

Based on feedback from our customers, DivineWebSolutions have developed a financial accounts management portal which is tailored to the needs of small businesses. If you require a system to:

  1. Manage your company contacts
  2. Automate the creation and distribution of your company estimates and invoices
  3. Calculate your VAT
  4. Track your expenditure against specific jobs
  5. Request deposit payment for approved work
  6. Receive payments online
  7. Export your financial information to accountant friendly Excel reports

...then this is the product for you. With it's detailed analysis and 'accountant friendly' downloadable reports, you'll find completing your accounts simple, efficient and effective freeing up your time to concentrate on other items that are important to your business operations.

Benefits of adopting a tool

  • Simple - use our simple interface to raise invoices, track expenditure, analyse and communicate financials with your suppliers and clients
  • Automated - with automatic 'next invoice number' and quick linking of your company expenditure to relevant invoices and see how efficiently your overheads are managed and your income calculated
  • Consistent - inputting data is straight forward and all the financial calculation is done behind the scenes so you don't have to
  • Flexible - with our web based solution, you can have as many users as your business requires, all of whom are able to log into the solution from anywhere they are connected to the internet!
  • Secure - our interface is protected with full SSL to ensure your information is kept safe and secure
  • Graphical Reporting - at a glance see the information which is really important to your business
  • Managed & Hosted - release the worry of keeping your accounts backed up as our environment provides you with automated regular backups

What will it cost?

For your flexibility, our solution can be licensed on a low cost recurring monthly or one off yearly basis. Everything else is included (data hosting, regular backups, security etc.) so there are no hidden charges. Oh, and you can have as many users as your business requires.

How do I find out more?

To find out more about how our solution could help you manage your company financial accounts, please contact us or email support.