Social Media

Do you need help growing your Twitter presence for your company? Need help setting up a page on Facebook? Perhaps you need help figuring out which social tools are best for your company? This is what we offer:

1 – Social Media Audit – We'll look at your existing resources, how effective they are operating, as well as your industry and benchmarking against what your competitors are doing. This helps us decide which (if any) social tools you should be using to reach your business objectives.

2 – Social Media Engagement – Here, we show you how to accurately monitor and track company mentions, as well as mentions of key executives, industry-specific terms, and those of your competitors. Once your monitoring system is in place, we can either show you how to maintain or for a small monthly fee, we will look after all this for you.

3 – Social Media Strategy Implementation – We take your existing social media strategy, and make improvements on it, or you launch a completely new strategy. This may involve writing new blogs or setting up new social media channels.

4 - Social Media Review - As things progress, we'll work with you to determine which parts of your Social Media Strategy Implementation are working effectively, and how you can best improve on the areas which aren't doing quite so well.

How do I find out more?

If your company would like to explore using social media, but aren’t sure how to get started, simply contact us for more information.